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Kristen Ryan

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Diversity and Opportunities Abound

With Kristen’s expertise in landscape photography and her passion for the Grand Teton National Park locations, it’s sure to be an enriching experience for all participants. The Tetons offer breathtaking landscapes and diverse photographic opportunities, making it an ideal setting for the 2024 Out of Grand Teton Landscape and Wildlife Conference. Attendees will likely gain valuable insights and skills from Kristen’s knowledge and experience in this stunning natural environment.

Here is what she told us about what makes this conference and location an exceptional photographer’s adventure.

 ©Kristen Ryan
Teton Mountains Rise Majestically

What makes Grand Teton such an excellent location for photography and teaching photography?

“The Grand Tetons are an excellent location for photography because the way the mountains rise majestically from the valley floor is an incredible sight bound to inspire photographers of all levels. The jagged peaks are a magnetizing subject for any landscape photographer. But in addition to the opportunities for incredible grand landscapes, the Teton environment also provides amazing opportunities for wildlife, small scenes, macro and abstracts as well.”  – Kristen Ryan

 ©Kristen Ryan
Dramatic Light, Cloud and Reflections

What is your favorite location or thing to photograph in the Grand Teton area?

“My favorite things to photograph in the Grand Teton area are dramatic light and clouds hitting the peaks or the mountains reflecting in the glacial lakes and Snake River. These types of scenes draw me in and keep me coming back for more.”  – Kristen Ryan

 ©Kristen Ryan
Embrace the Moment

What will attendees learn when working with you at the Out of Grand Teton conference?

“When I work with photographers in the Tetons, I encourage them to slow down and embrace the moment in front of them. This means opening the mind to the beauty in front of you no matter the conditions. Look in all directions, find different vantage points, and explore both the grand and intimate stories around you.” – Kristen Ryan

 ©Kristen Ryan
Being Creative with Long Exposures

Are there any special or creative techniques you hope to share with attendees at the conference?

“One of my favorite creative techniques is using long exposures to add a dreamy effect to my landscape and nature images. Whether I am smoothing water, capturing movement of clouds, or using intentional camera movement, my 6 and 10 stop neutral density filters are tools I always have in my bag.” – Kristen Ryan

 ©Kristen Ryan
Her go-to Lenses in the Tetons

What will be your go-to lens for this location and why?

“When I photograph in the Tetons, I make sure to always have wide angle, mid-range, and telephoto zoom lenses in my bag. The Tetons are filled with opportunities from grand landscapes to intimate scenes and wildlife. I find I am always changing up my focal length as different kinds of stories call to me.” – Kristen Ryan

 ©Kristen Ryan

This will be an exciting event for wildlife and landscape photography enthusiasts! Capturing the beauty of nature, wildlife, and landscapes can be a deeply rewarding and inspiring experience. Events like this often provide unique opportunities to connect with fellow photographers, learn from experts, and explore stunning natural settings.

Join us. There are a few spots left. Reserve them now. 

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Learn More about Kristen Ryan on her Website.

See more on Instagram: @kristenryanphotography and Vero: @kristenryan

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Kristen Ryan

Kristen Ryan is a professional landscape photographer & educator specializing in capturing the grand and intimate beauty of our natural world. Her heart lies in capturing the beauty of the world around us and the magic that happens when nature photographers come together. She is passionate about encouraging photographers to find creativity and connection and leads ladies’ landscape photography retreats in the US and Canada.

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