Due to snow and winter conditions, the Winter Conference for February 10th is canceled. I’m sorry!

Image by Nick Sinnott

Due to snow and winter conditions, the Winter Conference for February 10th is canceled. I’m sorry!

Creativity, Vision and the Art of Photography

An intimate, hands-on photography experience


“Out of Chicago connects photographers with their photography heroes by organizing hands-on, intimate photography conferences in amazing locations”

Due to snow and winter conditions, the Winter Conference for February 10th is canceled. I’m sorry!



We’ve brought together the best instructors to guide you through your photography journey

Practice what you've learned

Photograph alongside the instructors to practice the new skills you learned during the day


Spend the day with the Out of Chicago community of passionate photographers


You’ll work hard, learn a ton and leave energized for a new year of photography

Let's eat!

Lunch and refreshments are included in your registration

You'll fit right in

The Winter Conference is for all levels of photographer from beginner to advanced


  • Make sure you can join us on February 10th

  • Bring your camera and be ready to transform your photography

Session #1: The Art of Flower Photography: Finding a Creative Vision
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The Art of Flower Photography: Finding a Creative Vision
Learn to see and photograph flowers in a whole new artistic way. We will explore ways to unleash the creative spirit, find a vision and style in photography, and follow your heart in shooting in a way that brings joy. Anne will share her unique way of looking at flowers, helping you to see and isolate beautiful, interesting and often unnoticed details. Along with learning tips and tricks for capturing flowers with traditional macro lenses, we will also explore ways to create more artistic images through the magic of Lensbaby lenses, creating evocative and beautiful portraits of flowers.
Session #2: Spark Your Creativity
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Spark Your Creativity
Everyone can be a creative photographer. I'll share my practical tips to help you continue to grow as a creative artist.
Session #3: Creating Fine Art Architecture Photography
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Creating Fine Art Architecture Photography
Join Angie for a discussion covering process, composition and various ways to create series. The focus will be on architectural subjects. However, the tips and techniques can be applied to any genre of photography.
Session #4: Creative Editing with Lightroom Classic
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Creative Editing with Lightroom Classic
No matter what you enjoy photographing, Lightroom can be a spectacular tool in your editing workflow. In this course we'll go way beyond the Basic Panel and work with the Selective Tools, Masking and a few tricks I've learned along the way.
Session #5: Imagination and the Fine Art Photograph
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Imagination and the Fine Art Photograph
In the end, all we have is Imagination. When I use the word “Imagination” (and I use it a lot), I don’t mean it the way in the way it’s commonly used. I don’t mean “fantasy” or “make-believe”. I mean the inner world each of us inhabit. That world is very real, and it gives meaning to everything. It’s the home of analogies and metaphors, of all of our perceptions, of the Images we each carry within us that help us make sense of the world. We interpret every experience through Imagination. In this presentation, Jim will show you new ways to approach a subject and how to use "imagination" to unlock your creative vision.
Session #6: The Out of Chicago Winter Shootout
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The Out of Chicago Winter Shootout
Join all of the instructors to practice all of the techniques you've learned throughout the day. Shoot water drops, architecture, flowers and more with Anne, Angie, Nick, Jim, Chris and the Out of Chicago team.
Sunday workshop: Barn Photography
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Barn Photography Workshop
Join the Dynamic Duo Tony Reynes and Keith French, or is that the Delinquent Duo... either way, Join Tony and Keith for another fun adventure into Will and Kendall counties as they share with you another look into Americana, featuring barns and farm outbuildings. Draw from their experience as workshop hosts and professional photographers as they take you onto the location, share with you how to set up a shot and then work with you to create a beautiful image. Whether you are a textures shooter, big picture architecture, fine art, or still figuring it out.Tony and Keith will get you to your passionate shot, help you set it up, if you need it, and coax you through the image making process in camera. For beginners to advanced amateurs this workshop is for everyone.
  • "From beginning to end, the Out of Acadia conference was an absolutely amazing photography experience. I was repeatedly struck by the fact that the instructors seemed to be as excited to be there as the attendees were, and how easily and happily they shared their expertise. I came home with a newfound passion for photography, new friendships, many happy memories, and more than a few pictures I plan on hanging on my walls. Thank you Out of Acadia/Chicago for making this week the learning adventure of my lifetime!"

    Kira Massachusetts
  • “The Out of Chicago Conference is quickly becoming the premier photography conference in the country with its multitude of highly accomplished instructors covering all aspects of photography.”

    Hamish Detroit
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  • "Out of Chicago allows exceptional access to top pro photographers and instructors while in great locations. Everyone there has the same things on their mind - having the best photo experience, learning from others, and making great images."

    Cos Seattle


What is the format of the conference?

The morning and early afternoon will be spent with presentations from each of our featured instructors with a break for lunch. After that you’ll need your camera for the Out of Chicago Shootout.

What is the Out of Chicago Winter Shootout?

You’ll get a chance to shoot alongside each instructor photographing their specialty.

Anne Belmont: Let’s Have Fun with Flowers

You’ll have the opportunity to try out all the things you learned during Anne’s presentation. We’ll have fun shooting a variety of flowers and backgrounds, experimenting with compositions, aperture and lenses to create artistic portraits of flowers. Lensbaby lenses will be available for trying.

You’ll shoot architecture with Angie McMonigal and Jim Welninski.

Nick Sinnott has always been fascinated with photographing the properties of liquid, now you’ll get a chance to capture it yourself.  If you want to go home with your own shots that you set up, all you need to bring is an SD or CF card to use with the Chicago Photo Classes team.

Chris Smith and the Out of Chicago team will have a ton of other things set out for you to photograph and try out some of the things you learned during the day.

Why Joliet?

Last year we made some connections at Joliet Junior College, which turns out to be a beautiful venue! They have been awesome to work with and are excited to make the Out of Chicago Winter Conference part of their winter curriculum.

What's for lunch?

Lunch is included. When you register through the JJC website, you will pick your choice of sandwich for your boxed lunch. Vegetarian and gluten-free options are available.

Sunday Barn Photography Workshop

Out of Chicago instructors Tony Reynes and Keith French are leading a barn photography workshop around the Joliet area with the help of Donna Theimer. Donna has been working with the local land owners and has gotten special access for the group. It’s going to be a great extra day of photography. Registration is separate from the Saturday conference. Sign up here.

Can I see the descriptions of each presentation?

If you hover over the course titles above on your computer or click on them on mobile, you can read the full description.

Will there be vendors at the event?

Yes! PROCAM Photo and Video Gear will be our retailer at the event. There will be representatives from Tamron, Panasonic and Lensbaby with equipment to test during the shootout.

What is the exact location of the conference?

Joliet Junior College U Building

1215 Houbolt Rd, Joliet, IL 60431