The Value of Community in the Tetons with John Weatherby

John Weatherby

Grand Teton NP ©John Weatherby
Passion and Excitement

We are excited to welcome John Weatherby as an instructor at the Out of Grand Teton Photography Conference on June 16-20th, 2024.

We asked John to talk about the upcoming conference and share some tips and his thoughts on photographing the Tetons.

Grand Teton NP
 ©John Weatherby
Symmetry and Reflections

What are you most excited about for the Out of Grand Teton conference?

“The thing that excites me the most about the conference is to connect with everyone in person. I pretty much live on social media, so getting to do these in-person events is extra special and creates a deeper connection than through a screen. Can’t wait to meet the attendees and instructors.” – John Weatherby

What is your favorite location to photograph in the Grand Teton area?

“My Favorite location to photograph in the Tetons is Schwabacher’s Landing. There is something so special about the symmetry of the peaks here and the reflections you can get on a calm day. My favorite time is early morning just before the sun rises when you get that beautiful alpen glow on the range and colorful skies.” – John Weatherby

Grand Teton NP
 ©John Weatherby
Seeing The Big Picture

What types of photography will you be helping people within Grand Teton, i.e., grand landscape, small scenes, macro, botanicals, abstracts, night photography, and others?

“My forte is most definitely wide-scene landscapes and night photography. I love to find elements that create depth in a scene and show points of interest from front to back. I also am obsessed with star shots and most definitely looking forward to showing people how to capture the night sky. The conference is during prime time milky way season in the States.” – John Weatherby

Grand Teton NP
 ©John Weatherby
Gear and a Nodal Slide

Is there any special equipment you will use that attendees may want to bring?

“Everything you will need will be pretty standard, but I can think of a couple of things that can enhance your photography results. These include a nodal slide for seamless wide-angle panoramas and a star tracker for low-iso, low-noise star shots.” – John Weatherby

What will be your go-to lens for this location and why?

“I pretty much live with my 14-24 f/2.8 lens on my Nikon. This lens is great for both of the things I mentioned above, wide dramatic landscapes, and beautiful star shots. The wide angle will accentuate things close up to the lens and create distortion and emphasize elements in the scene. The 2.8 aperture will allow for a lot of light for doing night shots at a lower iso and shorter shutter speed (ideal for astrophotography).” – John Weatherby

Grand Teton NP
 ©John Weatherby
Stacking for Drama

Are there any special or creative techniques you hope to share with attendees at the conference?

“I love to teach people focus stacking. Getting low and close to subjects can create amazing distortion effects that create drama in a photo. The challenge is depth of field, but focus stacking solves this and allows for sharpness from front to back in an image, and wide depth of field.” – John Weatherby

Grand Teton NP
 ©John Weatherby

We appreciate John’s gratitude,“I think the ultimate satisfaction is finding something that you love to do and figuring out a way to make a living out of it. I’ve been blessed to have discovered and developed a gift that not only fulfills me but brings joy and value to other people’s lives and businesses.”

John, do you have any additional resources to help people photograph Grand Teton National Park?

I do have a complete online landscape photography course that can help guests prepare for the in-person conference. I also created a plugin for Photoshop that simplifies the editing process and makes Photoshop easier and faster to use. Both are linked below :)” 

Learn and shoot alongside John Weatherby and 13 other world-class instructors at the Out of Grand Teton Landscape and Wildlife Photography Conference June 16-20th, 2024.

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Additional Resources

Photoshop Courses: The ultimate bundle of landscape photography lessons showcasing how to create amazing images from start to finish.

Photoshop Pro Panel Plugin is the ultimate editing tool.

Visit John’s website and find him on Instagram.

John Weatherby

John is a Florida based photographer who discovered his passion for photography while working at a restaurant during college. Managing the company’s social media, John began to learn how to take better photos, eventually investing into a DSLR and learning lighting. John eventually began to take photos around his hometown and during his travels, which immediately gained the attention of his community and affirmed that he could turn his passion into a successful career.

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