Steve PerryPhotographer

Steve Perry is an award-winning landscape and wildlife photographer with a deep commitment to bringing his unique vision to life whenever he lifts a camera to his inspired eye. Steve has been perfecting his artistic vision since the tender age of 10 years old and…

You know what, this is kinda dumb.

Really it is.

See, I’m Steve and I’m writing this in the third person in hopes that you’ll think some eloquent guy with a British accent did my bio for me.


Cuz that’s what you’re supposed to do if you’re a fine art wildlife photographer.

Well, the BS stops here my friend.

So, here’s the real scoop for my Bio page – I’m going to <GASP> tell you the truth about me! I know, I know, thousands of snobby fine art photographers just spit their fancy coffee-shop latte all over their monitors.

“Is he REALLY going to do this??”

Why yes, yes I am.

So, yeah, I’m Steve and I have a problem. I love the outdoors. Yup – there I said it. I’m never quite as happy as when I’m freezing my rump off waiting for a sunrise to light up a mountain, spending hours searching for some cool animal, or paddling my kayak in search of some rare bird. I also love doing workshops and teaching people what I know about wildlife photography. In fact, in 2018 I ran seven workshops out of Crocodile Bay Resort and have seven more scheduled for next year, plus the Out Of Chicago tour too!

The truth is, I use the camera as an excuse to go out and experience some of the most amazing wildlife I can find in the backcountry. Then I do my best to capture what I see and share it with you. See, as much as I love shooting the image, I love sharing them even more and teaching others how to do the same.

In addition to teaching, I’ve also been published on a regular basis in various magazine and calendars. In fact, just recently I was published in Outdoor Photographer again (Oct 2018, p 29). I’ve also been featured in Shutterbug, Popular Photography, National Wildlife Federation, Nature Photographer,  Lake Superior Magazine (cover, calendar, inside), Digital Photo UK, WWF magazine, and various other smaller publications.

So, thank you for stopping by – in reality, YOU’RE the one doing me the favor (oops – more latte on the monitor from our fine art friends). If I didn’t have someone to share my photos with, or who was interested in what I had to say, there wouldn’t be much point in taking them in the first place, ya know?

And then I wouldn’t have a good excuse to play in the jungle all day.

So, yeah, I’m just a guy in the woods (desert, swamp, rainforest, etc) with a camera looking for my next critter. Can’t wait for you to join me. :)|