Rod BarbeePhotographer

Remember those aptitude tests they used to give you in school? You know, the ones that tell you what you’d end up doing with your life.

I remember mine. It said I had an aptitude for teaching. Teaching? I didn’t want to be a teacher. At the age of 12, my definition of a teacher was my old, wrinkled 3rd-grade teacher who threw chalkboard erasers at kids. Besides, I was going to play baseball when I grew up.

Anyway, I dismissed those tests as useless.

So what do I end up doing? Nature photography and teaching nature photography. Whaddaya know? Seems those tests weren’t so useless after all.

My teaching philosophy is to give students the tools they need to capture their own unique vision. With that in mind, I like to emphasize mastering the technical aspects of photography so that they no longer interfere with the creative side. That’s when we get to the fun stuff!

Rod Barbee is a professional photographer, writer, and instructor with publishing credits that include Outdoor Photographer magazine. He is the author of The Photographer’s Guide to Puget Sound and Northwest Washington as well as Oregon Coast Memories and is the co-author of The Photographer’s Guide to the Oregon Coast with David Middleton.

Throughout the year, Rod leads and co-leads photo workshops across the country. Specializing in landscape and close-ups photography, he enjoys sharing his knowledge and ideas with his workshop clients.
The natural beauty discovered during backpacking trips into Olympic National Park led him to nature photography. It has since become a passion in his life from which he continues to learn and grow.

Rod lives on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula with his wife Tracy and their dog Bailey. |