Mike BakerPhotographer

Mike Baker is an award-winning visual artist that works in the medium of photography.

Based out of Chicago, Mike’s approach to photography can be best described by the phrase “Elevating the Ordinary.” Mike takes what many would deem ‘ordinary subjects,’ makes them extraordinary as he searches for distinguishing patterns, shapes, light and shadow. As he deconstructs the visual components of his subject, Mike sees new contexts to capture. Travel, architecture and minimalism, design elements are some of Mike’s specialties.

Mike’s photographic journey and development began while in the military. He bought his first 35mm camera while stationed in Berlin merely to document his travels there and throughout Europe. Since, photography has become his passion; he now captures images in the digital format. His photographic development has further evolved via photo workshops, mentoring, judging competitions, entering in, and winning juried competitions in black and white imaging. He continues to travel globally for photographic adventures.

Mike’s work has been exhibited in art galleries and art shows; his work has been published in coffee table books, photography magazines, and has won awards in international competition. Mike’s work has been added to private collections and he continues to create new work. |http://www.3rdeyephotographic.com