Mark DenneyPhotographer

I’m a North Carolina based outdoor and landscape photographer. My affection for travel, photography and the great outdoors is something that’s matured over the past seven years. I’ve always been fascinated with camera technology, but the art of photography was something that escaped me until 2012. This is when I discovered the calming, zen like meditation that is landscape photography. I’m a naturally anxious person and photography provided me with a channel to encourage patience and a means to slow down. The transition time between setting up my shot and waiting for the “good light” to arrive is still meaningful to me as it creates a captive audience within myself and provides ample time to reflect and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us all. Outside of the technical and creative aspect of photography, I enjoy teaching the storytelling ability of photographs and encouraging others to not focus solely on the the end result, but to appreciate the overall photographic experience.

Join me at:  Out of Chicago LIVE! 2020 |  Out of Acadia 2020  |  Out of Moab 2020

Previous conferences: Out of Oregon 2019