Lisa LangellPhotographer

I’m Lisa Langell.  I live in Scottsdale, Arizona but am originally from Michigan.  I’ve “done” a lot of things to make an enjoyable living —from managing a pizzeria as a teen, to working as a master floral designer, a licensed psychologist, an international speaker, professional trainer and consultant in the area of K-12 education, a Chief Business Development Officer for an Education Technology company, a researcher, a writer, an artist and even a recruiter!  I’ve thoroughly loved photography since I was a kid but began my business with it in 2010.  Over the past 25 years, I’ve re-invented myself repeatedly.  Why?

Taking thoughtful stock, I realized each new role I took always involved three important things that I am passionate about and bring me joy.  These have been themes throughout all of the work I have done and still do today:

  1. Improving the lives of others.
  2. Continual learning—and then teaching/sharing that knowledge to empower others to be more successful.
  3. Having meaningful, powerful and memorable shared experiences.

I had been doing one or more of these things most of my life.  Though photography was always a favorite activity for me, it wasn’t until I combined photography with teaching and tour guiding that it all came together.  The Joy Trifecta: Creating one-of-a-kind, exciting, emotionally rewarding learning experiences for others!  Bringing joy to others brings joy to me!

Life is short.  Don’t you want to be better for the experience?  Yes?  Then come share the journey with me! |