Ian Norman and Diana SouthernPhotographers

Ian Norman and Diana Southern are night sky photographers and full time travelers, most widely known as the creators of Lonely Speck, an educational website dedicated to teaching Milky Way photography to everyone who wants to learn it. A husband and wife team with a passion for understanding the science behind the camera, Diana and Ian aim to teach photographers how to get the most out of their gear, emphasizing accessible and practical techniques in both shooting and post-processing. They share free tutorials, gear advice, and inspiration for learning how to photograph the Milky Way with an international audience on the Lonely Speck blog and YouTube channel, and their work has been featured on large media outlets including National Geographic, BBC, and The Atlantic, as well as popular photography news sites such as DPReview, FStoppers, and PetaPixel. When they’re not photographing and exploring the world, Ian and Diana enjoy building out their camper van, playing video games, and spending time outdoors with their dog Tiger.  |  lonelyspeck.com

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