Freddy ClarkPhotographer

Freddy Clark’s career took a couple of twists and turns before becoming a Food and Beverage Photographer.  Out of college, he started working in radio as an On-Air DJ and Production Director, moving between a couple of rock stations in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  After a decade working full time in radio he felt it was time for a change and started on a path in technology.

Photography got in his blood when his daughter was born.  Wanting to learn more and more he began reading, studying the work of others and attending workshops.  Like many he started dabbling in a lot of different photography pursuits, portraits, street, and landscapes.  After spending a couple of years shooting weddings for other studios, he was asked if he would do some food shots for a local restaurant, loved it and decided to make food and beverage photography his focus.   Now he photographs for restaurants and brands as owner and photographer of Santé Food and Beverage Photography.  He’s been teaching workshops in the NY/NJ area for a few years as well as Canon Live Learning. |