Eric Paré and Kim HenryPhotographer

Visual artist Eric Paré has built a lifestyle combining his passion for photography, travel, and light-painting. Traveling the world with his light-painting tubes, he mixes light-painting and landscape photography in incredible locations, sharing every single tip about the techniques along the way. When he’s not on the road, you can find him doing studio photography in Montréal where he performs light-painting using 120 dslr on a full 360-degree camera array. Mixing studio and outdoors photography allows him to continue pushing his limits while keeping the balance between those two complementary aspects of his art. Within the last years, he and his partner Kim Henry perfected the tube light-painting technique and made it widely accessible for beginners while always adding new tricks to create various visuals. By using a single tube, a flashlight, and a feather, he shows that simplicity is often the key, and he keeps bringing people together as part of the tube tribe. |

Kim Henry is a professional contemporary dancer that has a fascination for movement and human being. She’s been collaborating with Eric Paré since 2013 on countless creative projects. For the past three years, they’ve been traveling around the world with simple plastic tubes, flashlights, and feathers, seeking lands where they can feel the infinity to create their light painting art. Since day one they’ve been sharing everything they know about their technique as they develop it, encouraging people to get outdoors and play.