Donny PatelPhotographer

Donny is a travel and landscape photographer from New York. He is currently pursuing dual careers in management consulting & photography. Donny grew up in 4 different countries across 3 continents. This early childhood globe trotting and emulsification of various cultures instilled a unique curiosity for exploring the uncommonly treaded places in the travel world. The only way to capture the unprecedented beauty of nature and the moments on this journey to explore world was via camera. Loving photography was hence a natural passion . On this pursuit he set out to explore over 45 countries where Iceland is the only country he has been to over 12 times. He has been visiting Iceland since 2007. While he can’t speak Icelandic yet, he has developed a good bond with many locals. Besides some small businesses in New York, China, his clients include Icelandair & air Iceland connect.  Through his extensive travels to Iceland he has developed in-depth knowledge of Icelandic landscape, its ever-changing weather & spotting Aurora Borealis. He is currently writing ‘The photographer’s guide to Iceland’ and of course planning a summer trip to the highlands. |