Alison Newberry and Matt SparapaniPhotographer

Matt and Alison discovered their passion for travel (and each other!) while living in Italy over 20 years ago. As newlyweds they discovered a mutual love of nature photography at an Audubon Society workshop in Maine. Since then, they have combined travel and photography with a variety of outdoor activities. From trekking in Nepal to safari in Africa, from backpacking in Patagonia to canoeing in the Boundary Waters, the camera has served as a constant reminder to pause and savor the subtle beauty of nature. As one of their favorite bands sings, “You get to know things better when they go by slow!”

While not on the road, Matt & Alison reside in Chicago. Matt teaches Latin, Greek and Ancient History at a private high school, while Alison teaches computer at a K-8 public school. They have been active members of Riverwoods Nature Photographic Society for the past 15 years, which they credit for helping them hone their skills. They have taught sessions previously at CAPS (Chicago Area Photographic School) and Out of Chicago Winter Conference. You can see Matt and Alison’s photography on Instagram @takeahikephotography and follow their adventures on their blog. They have also published two books: Plan & Go: Wonderland Trail and Hiking Photography (Sandiburg Press). |