Alex Noriega

2016 USA and International Landscape Photographer of the year.

I’m a professional nature photographer, and I roam and photograph North America full-time in a travel trailer with my partner, Taylor.

My artistic passion lies in the deserts of the American Southwest. My continuing fascination with this region stems from its geologic diversity, its raw display of the processes of time, and the treasures hidden around every corner. One could spend a lifetime exploring the area and uncover only a fraction of its secrets!

My primary goal with my photography is to convey a sense of mystery and to spark the viewer’s imagination. I have a great appreciation for subtle, intimate scenes, and the timeless compositional techniques of the film masters who came before me. I often seek to blend a bolder, more contemporary style into these types of photographs in my own work.

More simply, I strive to create images that I love.

Charles Cramer