Why Black and White?

Why Black and White? Cole Thompson will make the case that black and white is the perfect medium for any subject…except for one. Cole will show work from his various portfolios including: The Ghosts of Auschwitz-Birkenau Harbinger Ceiling Lamps Moai, Sitting for Portrait The Lone Man Tree’s from a Train And others Interspersed between the images Cole will share his photographic philosophies, such as: Never listen to others Photographic Celibacy Coles Rule of Thirds Equipment is overrated Vision is the most important tool in my toolbox Never ask others about your work And many others! At the end of the presentation Cole will answer questions and give away a print of The Angel Gabriel

• Vision is the key to creating a great b&w image (and even a color one)

• The only thing that matters is the image

Photography level:


• There are no rules when you have a Vision

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Out of the Great Smoky Mountains

April 27th-May 1st, 2025

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