TUTORIAL: Lighting Techniques and Light Painting the Still Life

Harold will demonstrate the techniques he uses in his Light Painting the Still Life method. This presentation will be concentrating specifically on lighting. Although Harold’s methods generally employ a multiple-capture method, with blending of the captures in Photoshop, due to the limited amount of time, Harold will use a single capture method to demonstrate how he decides the lighting approach for various subjects within a still life. The three things that matter most in Harold’s technique are the distance of the light from the subject, the angle of the light in relationship to the subject, and the motion of the light. The accurate control of these three aspects of the light is what makes Light Painting so special, and certainly the motion of the light is what separates Light Painting from other lighting methods. Harold believes that the softness of the light is very important, and by using his “Six Principles of Lighting” (covered in his previous presentation), he’ll show how distance and motion of light create softness. He’ll also show how choosing a proper angle of light gives the image depth, dimension and texture. Also, Harold will be tethering using Capture One software, so you’ll see how he uses the software, something which he whimsically refers to as “The World’s Best Light Meter” to accurately judge exposure.

• How the proper Angle, Distance and Motion of Light affects the results

• Hard Light and Soft Light; The best of both worlds.

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