Bring Your Landscape Photos to Life With Advanced Lightroom Techniques

One of the single biggest turning points for my post processing skill set had to do with my discovery of local adjustments. Once I discovered how best to utilize local adjustments inside of Lightroom, I began looking at my photos in a completely different manner. No longer did I look at my images in their totality rather I began ‘seeing’ them as having smaller sub regions that in total resulted in a much larger scene. During this session we’ll discuss how you can embrace local adjustments over global adjustments by utilizing some of my favorite advanced Lightroom editing techniques.

• My approach to designing custom vignettes to create dramatic landscape imagery.

• The powerful & creative ability that Color Wheels & the Calibration section can provide.

Photography level:


• And a few of my favorite Lightroom 'hacks' to add that missing element to your landscape photos.

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