Towards a "Finer Art" Photography: Principles to Advance Your Art

What makes an image or a piece of art impactful and indelible to both the artist and the viewer? As photographers, we often strive for something meaningful, passionate and distinct in our art. It is our way of imprinting a statement about ourselves and our creative evolution upon the world. In this interactive talk, we will explore a new way to consider aesthetic principles and how to practice a personally mindful and heartfelt vision that is fundamental to inspirational and informed photography while exploring the state and meaning of “vision” and working towards a “finer art” photography in our art. I will take you on an odyssey of my images and explore the many wonders that photography can offer to become self-inspired while experimenting with eclectic and counterintuitive motivations and self-inspired challenges to enhance your art.

• How to discover meaningful principles in your own photography to provide unique perspectives and evolve your artistic approach.

• To answer the "why" of your photography through counterintuitive creative approaches.

Photography level:

Beginner to intermediate

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