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Beyond the Grandeur

We have all witnessed the scenic grandeur of a sunset mountain vista, or the panorama of a storm’s fury crossing the skies. But what happens when we remove the grandeur, ignore the fury, and turn our backs on the guarantee of prettiness? What then are we left with? The answer is opportunity. For this creative challenge—and it will undoubtedly be a challenge—we will explore a set of subjects near our own homes which are rarely thought of as photographic subject matter, yet provide a multitude of options for creative exploration and interpretation. This exercise will keep us near our homes, yet take us out of our creative comfort zones. It will encourage us to look at our surroundings in an expanded light with with a new eye. All skill levels are encouraged are participate. You may use either a dedicated camera or a phone camera. Please join Chuck Kimmerle in this ultimate photo challenge as he shows us how to become more responsive photographers and turn our attention toward finding inherent beauty among the mundane. Hint: parking lots. Afterwards you’ll get a fun photo challenge to put Chuck’s ideas into practice, plus an invitation to share your results in the community.

• Often, the least obvious is the most compelling

• We need to try new and different things to help refine our vision

Photography level:


• Creative growth requires risk, and risk requires the courage to think differently

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