Panel discussion

How Does Personality Type Impact Your Creativity?

Saturday, April 10 • 10:00 am11:30 am CT

Host: David Johnston
Panelists: Jennifer Renwick, John Barclay, Allister Benn, TJ Thorne

Have you ever wondered why nobody sees the world exactly the way that you see it? Or have you ever thought about why one photographer may be drawn to a small scene while the other sees the grand landscape shot during the same sunset? What we see and why has a lot to do with your overall intentions in life and who you are as a person. Your personality can even impact your creativity. In this panel discussion, David, Jennifer, John, Allister, and TJ will discuss each of their individual personality types and what it leads to in the field. Plus, consideration on new ways of seeing personalities that allow movement instead of feeling put into a box.

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