Light Painting the Still Life: A Transformative Approach

Join Harold Ross for a 90 minute presentation discussing his Sculpting with Light process, a technique that he has been perfecting for 30 years. (Yes, that’s right! Harold used light painting on transparency film, before Photoshop existed!) He will show you how his photographic methods using the technique of light painting can transform the ordinary into the remarkable. In his still life work, Harold is drawn to photograph things that have history; old machines, tools and various other still life subjects. His goal is to elevate and monumentalize these subjects, which are often taken for granted. His transformational approach to photography can, in a way, breathe new life into his subjects. In his light-painted landscape work, Harold is interested in the interplay between the real and the unreal. An unmistakably real scene, illuminated in a way that can’t happen in nature, creates a quandary in the mind of the viewer. In a more subtle way, this interplay also exists in Harold’s still life work. He’ll also touch on the amazing power of enhancing dimension and depth through specialized (yet simple) masking techniques in Photoshop. These particular masking methods, which Harold teaches in his workshops, are akin to painting and drawing, and are not normally thought of as photographic techniques. Harold will be using his images to convey the transformative nature of his image-making process, which allows one to transform an ordinary subject into something remarkable! This will be an information-packed program. Be prepared to be inspired! Note: Harold will also be conducting a 90 minute session later in the day. In this session, he’ll photograph a still life while discussing the particular benefits of lighting angle, distance and motion; the important things which contribute to the aesthetics of his lighting.

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