Light on the Landscape: Photographs and Lessons from a Life in Photography

Sunday, April 11 • 2:00 pm3:30 pm CT

Over the past 40+ years that I’ve been making photographs, I have learned a lesson or two. Or three or four. Over 24 of those years, I’ve had the opportunity to write a column called On Landscape for Outdoor Photographer magazine. Each time I sit down to write those essays, I look through my images to see what lessons I might convey to my readers. I will be sharing those images and the stories behind the making of some of my favorite photographs. The lessons involve ways you can use composition and light, geography, and weather to create the most expressive representation of your experience.

Here are a few lessons I’ve learned:
Photograph what you love. The journey is more important than the photographs.
Everyone is an artist. You have a unique perspective.
Find your passion. Focus on themes to better express yourself.
Work your subject thoroughly, explore your creative options by trying many variations.
Don’t follow rules. Trust your instincts.
Make “seeing” a daily practice, photograph at or near your home.
Beauty surrounds us every day.

When you’ve finished viewing my presentation, you will come away with fresh ideas on how to discover your own voice and vision.

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