If No One Saw Your Photographs

A nanny named Vivian Maier spent 40 years roaming the streets of Chicago with her camera in hand. Few people knew her as a photographer then; even fewer had seen any of her images until after she died and boxes of her negatives (and unprocessed film) were discovered at a garage sale. As one of her acquaintances asked, “What’s the point of taking [a photograph] if no one sees it?” If no one saw your photographs, would you still photograph? Why? If you decided to keep photographing, would your approach or focus change? In this thought-provoking presentation, outdoor photographer Colleen Miniuk shares how her motivations to create photographs have evolved since she took up photography as a hobby in 2001 and as a profession in 2007. She’ll explore how to overcome a number of challenges we face today so we can experience the same creative freedom Maier no doubt felt in expressing what mattered to her—if only to herself.

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