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Landscapes with Joshua Cripps

In this session I will review your landscape images with you using my approach to visual storytelling.We will look at your photos to determine how well they showcase a strong story/subject, and how your composition, camera technique, and light emphasizes the important parts of the story. With this framework in hand you will never wonder again, “why doesn’t my photo look good??” Choose images that relate to the image review topic. Please upload images 24 hours prior to the scheduled review in the Community. You may upload 3-5 images for review. Instructors will attempt to review at least one image from each person that attends the session live. All attendees can watch live or after the conference. HOW TO UPLOAD IMAGES Go to the Community tab and select “Join the discussion”. This will take you to the designated area for your image review. Use the “Insert image” button to upload an image. Be sure to click submit at the bottom of the page when done.

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