High-Precision Editing: Unlocking Details and Emotion With Targeted Edits

Sunday, April 11 • 8:00 am9:30 am CT

Learn how to precisely control the look of your photos by targeted edits. The key comes down to using the right tools for the job. Join photo editing expert Rich Harrington as he shows you a bulletproof workflow. This session covers how to maximize the Adobe Camera Raw or Lightroom engine and when to bring in Photoshop and Luminar AI. You’ll learn how to:

• Make precise edits to raw files including the use of DCP profiles
• Achieve natural color and perfect exposure
• Sharpen and unlock details without over-processing
• Drive emotion with color-grading
• Add a personal style and capture your own look
• Learn to save time with the use of AI
• Learn how to build better presets with LUTs and Profiles

SKILL LEVEL: For Intermediate to Advanced photo editors who want to see dramatic improvements.

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