Alan Shapiro and Jamie Konarski Davidson

Session description

Flower photography invites many variations from traditional or figurative presentations to moreinterpretive or abstract images. Join Alan Shapiro and Jamie Konarski Davidson as they lead youthrough the process of photographing flowers from a more realistic perspective to a more artisticapproach that leaves reality by the wayside. There are wonderful opportunities for image making fromboth perspectives and the points in between. Beyond the crafting of the image is the unique vision ofthe photographer. Alan and Jamie will share their workflow thoughts and vision with images in thepost-processing choices made for several subjects in this session.

What you will learn:

  • Unique approaches to flower photography
  • Creative workflow for subjects beyond flowers
  • Different tools for flower exploration
  • Post-processing pathways for your vision

Gear Needed: Flowers! Find your favorites and bring them to the table. Plus:

Alan: Your favorite photo gear, a tripod plus… To photograph on black: black velvet, black reflector or ablack piece of styrofoam or board from an art supply or craft store. To photograph on white: a lightbox,white reflector card, white softbox, white piece of plexiglass

Jamie: Macro lens best, but other lenses will work; Lensbaby (optional), diopters (ie., Canon 500D), diffuser/reflector set, tripod. Software: Photoshop, Nik Collection by DxO, Topaz Studio 2 (Impression &Texture)

Review session: Thursday, September 3, 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM

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