Photography Nirvana Through Minimalist Introspection

Photography means something different for everyone. The pursuit of “something different” for some is a healthy challenge, but over-researching locations with consumption of other peoples’ work can paralyze rather than feed our creativity. In this session, I share my minimalist photography ideas with some technical discussion and demonstrations while providing food for thought on the process. In Photography Nirvana, your photography is fulfilling and mentally nourishing, not an overly competitive and perhaps draining experience. This session is an invitation to cut yourself some slack and love your photography.

• Learn to process both low and high contrast winter scenes

• Consider the dangers of over-researching using other peoples' photography

Photography level:


• Avoid creative paralysis by looking for and shooting or trying to avoid images that you consumed during the planning phase of a shoot

• Reach Photography Nirvana - a place where you simply enjoy your photography and love the resulting images

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