Depicting Mood to Capture the Essence

It is not enough to just correctly expose and compose – a successful photograph also needs to make emotional impact. Emotional impact in landscape photography is achieved through capturing the essence, often by depicting and conveying the mood of the scene. What I will cover in my presentation is how take our photography further by recognizing the potential or essence of the scene, so we can make decisions on how to best interpret it – such as which aspects to emphasize to best capture the essence of the scene and how it made us feel, or to communicate what we want to express. My presentation analyzes several essential components that that contribute in depicting mood such as choice of light, color, contrast, weather and atmosphere, and shutter speed. These elements help strengthening the composition. I will also discuss importance of developing a connection with a place.

• Recognizing the potential and the essence of the scene

• Review of essential elements that contribute in depicting and conveying mood - light, color, contrast, weather, and shutter speed

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