Beyond Lightroom: Advanced B&W Techniques in Photoshop

Adobe Lightroom is a wonderful tool for photographers. It’s easy to learn, intuitive, and offers a useful selection of editing tools. But, it has limitations. Please join Chuck Kimmerle as he discusses using Adobe Photoshop to take our photographs to new levels of black and white creativity. We will discuss how Photoshop will allow more advanced techniques such as split b/w conversion, combing bracketed exposures, controlling highlights and shadows, more detailed local control, contrast masking, local and global sharpening, etc. We will also discuss how to appropriately process our raw files in Adobe Lightroom, how digital b/w differs from b/w darkroom prints, and common mistakes and pitfalls to avoid. This class is for those who would like to take their black and white photographs to the next level. Participants should have a familiarity with Adobe Photoshop and a basic understanding of image layers, adjustment layers and layer masks.

• Adobe Photoshop offers expanded opportunity for creative exploration and problem solving

• It's always a good thing to have another tool in the creative tool box

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