Behind the Scenes: What It Really Takes to Craft Unique Landscape Photos

Saturday, April 10 • 10:00 am11:30 am CT

What does it take to craft a truly compelling landscape photograph? In this session I will take you through the creative journey that led to some of my most iconic and unique images. Depending on time I will try to get through 2-4 photos, and for each image I will be talking about:

• What the photo is of and where it was taken.
• The story behind how I got to the location and any crazy things that may have happened along the way or during the shoot.
• What appealed to me most about the scene and how I chose the composition.
• The settings and gear I used and why.
• Any special or unusual techniques I used to capture the photo.
• The main challenges I faced (technical, creative, access, conceptual, or otherwise) and how I dealt with them.
• A very brief overview of the editing and/or post-processing I did and why.

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