Ryan Smith on Selling Prints, Ethics in Landscape Photography

Chris is joined by landscape photographer Ryan Smith, who has his own annual event in the southwest, Outsiders Conference. The two discuss managing photography conferences and preview their respective events coming up in Oregon (October 13 – 17, 2019) and Kanab, Utah (March 20 – 22, 2020).

Ryan has a lot of experience with selling his prints, so he talks about what he does to close sales. He also discusses his field tricks: How he likes to stay put in one location, and if he thinks about marketable photos while shooting.

Later, Ryan and Chris chat about the responsibility photographers have to the environment, and the principles to remember when becoming a nature photographer (Visit NatureFirstPhotography.org for more).

They also discuss Ryan’s favorite places to shoot like Utah’s White Pocket, which appears to be featured on Apple’s webpage for the new iPhone 11 Pro.

Visit CaptureIcons.com for Ryan’s workshops, and RyanSmithFineArt.com for the photography he has for sale.

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