Out of Chicago’s mission is to connect photographers with their photography heroes in amazing locations by educating them along their photographic journey. In addition to our conferences, we want to be able to help educate photographers in other ways throughout the year. Out of Chicago provides this content in our Podcast, our YouTube channel, Chris’ eBooks, and blog. Make sure to check them all out and subscribe!


On the Out of Chicago blog, you will find many articles to help educate and inspire your photography passion.


The Out of Chicago Podcast connects our listeners to their photography heroes, as Chris interviews them about their passions and expertise. Get to know the instructors of our events and many other photographers around the world!


Chris Smith, the founder of Out of Chicago, has authored eBooks to help educate and spark your photographic creativity, and you can download them here. The Photographer’s Guide to Chicago highlights Chris’ over 100 favorite locations to photograph in Chicago and tips to help you get your best images. It has been on sale on Amazon with over 100 5-star reviews, and it’s like your own personal tour guide around Chicago.


Follow Chris in his adventures on the Out of Chicago YouTube channel. He will take the viewer to many different photography locations, some with his photography heroes, and share composition and many tips along the way.