Photographing Moab’s Night Skies with Nick Page

Nick Page

Milky way Stars over wildflowers at Mt Adams night photography by Nick Page
Milky way Stars over wildflowers at Mt Adams night photography by Nick Page
Night Photography Adventure in Moab

Meet Nick Page, one of our six instructors for this unique night sky photography conference. Nick’s passion for photography extends beyond the expected, so be prepared for some pleasant surprises and exciting activities that will make this conference unforgettable.

Nick tells us what he looks forward to at the Out of Moab night sky photography conference.

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Nick's Focus: Out of Moab

What makes Moab such an excellent location for night photography and teaching photography?

“Moab is such a special part of the world. The Mars-like geology in the area is unlike anywhere else. One of the biggest challenges in night photography is to find a landscape that lends itself well to a nice scene. The beautiful arches of the area combined with the dark skies make this area ideal for night photography” – Nick Page

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Mezmerizing Moab

What will attendees learn when working with you at the Out of Moab conference?

“I talk a lot about shooting with post-processing in mind in my presentations and talks. Nowhere is this more true than when shooting nightscapes. I will be teaching how to expose for the night sky and taking separate exposures for the foreground. Then of course, back in the classroom, we will be blending these images together using Photoshop.” – Nick Page.

What types of photography will you be helping people with in Moab?

“I am drawn to the grandeur of the amazing topography of the area. My focus will be on capturing grand landscapes during the twilight hours, and of course, the night skies over the towering arches.” – Nick Page.

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Night Photography Challenges

What photography challenges will you help attendees overcome during this conference?

 “Night photography has plenty of logistical challenges. Typically nailing focus is the first hurdle, followed by settings and exposure. But beyond that, I want to emphasize that COMPOSITION STILL MATTERS. It is really easy to get lazy with composition with night scenes, so taking extra time on composition is super important.”– Nick Page

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Special Techniques and Nick's Go-to Lens

Are there any special or creative techniques you hope to share with attendees at the conference?

“Exposure blending, focus stacking night scenes, long exposures for foreground details.” – Nick Page

What will be your go-to lens for this location and why?

“For these big night scenes, I prefer using FAST and WIDE lenses. In this case, I will be using a Canon 15-35mm F2.8. A nice mix of wide and fast enough to let in plenty of light for the night skies” – Nick Page

Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity to learn from a true photography legend in the mesmerizing landscapes of Moab. Join us for this conference that will inspire, educate, and invigorate your love for photography. Secure your spot now and unlock your creative potential with Nick Page and the Out of Moab Night Photography and Advanced Post-Processing Conference!

Only two spots left – Register now.

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Additional Resources

Nick has excellent Photoshop courses that can be found at

You can see more of his work on his Website and Instagram

Also, check out his The Landscape Photography Podcast and his YouTube channel.

Nick Page

Nick Page is professional photographer, Workshop instructor as well as host of the “Landscape Photography Podcast”. Nick is a nationally recognized instructor and speaker who conducts photo workshops and tours around the globe. Nick is also known for his post processing tutorials and popular youtube channel.

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