The Photographer’s Guide to Chicago gives detailed info on 85 of the best photography locations in Chicago. Photography restrictions, best times to shoot, photography tips, maps and sample images are given for each location. Along the way you’ll get tips on equipment, city photography and getting into secret locations.

  • Save hours of time researching locations
  • Discover iconic Chicago locations and hidden gems
  • Plan your adventure with maps of each area
  • Be inspired to create your own unique photographs in Chicago

New in the Second Edition

You’ll experience new locations, updated information and descriptions, maps for each area, multiple images for each location. Plus, it can be read on ANY device!

Out of Chicago is THE trusted source for Chicago Photography. They host the Out of Chicago Photography Conference every June. They have worked with respected photography instructors from around the world including Art Wolfe, Rick Sammon, Valerie Jardin, Bryan Peterson, Lindsay Adler, Matt Kloskowski, Bob Davis, Elia Locardi, Jen Rozenbaum, Tim Wallace, and hundreds more.

Amazon reviews from the first edition of The Photographer’s Guide to Chicago

Amazon reviews of the first edition of The Photographer’s Guide to Chicago

“Great Book: Lived in Chicago for 40 years and this book will still show you great locations I did not know about!!”

“It would take YEARS to gather all the information that Chris has gathered for you!”

“The narrative is fast and lively making it easy to read and understand.”

“Incredible book, I started reading it at around 11 PM thinking I’d just read for 10 minutes or so. I look over at the clock and it’s 4 AM. No regrets.”

“As a visitor, I would never have the time to research parking garages and bridges where you can get great views, buildings with great interior photo options, etc. Chris has done all of that research for you. Thanks for a great book!”

“I’ve done a lot of photography in Chicago. Now I have a professional guide to assist me. Well done! Nice.”