Out of Chicago Photography Conferences

The New Normal – Attendees Love It!

The pandemic has changed things for everyone, to say the least. It forced us to look closer at the conference experience in a new way, including making your health a priority and finding innovative ways for you to learn and shoot safely alongside the pros. We have now set a new normal for our conferences. And our attendees are saying, not only is this new way of doing things better than our previous conferences, they continue to say – let's do it again! 

At Out of Chicago our goal is to continue to provide you safe and outstanding conference experiences, while connecting you to some of the best landscape photographers in the world. Join us at one of our online or in-person conferences for several days of learning, sharing and fun!

All-New Online Conferences

Out of Chicago LIVE! 
We’ve introduced a brand new Out of Chicago Conference that brings you even more world-class photographers from around the globe. Immerse yourself over one weekend where you can learn, share and improve your photography with other passionate photographers like you.

In-Person Conferences: Changes for the Better.

Open space. Open air.
Most full-group sessions will take place outside under the stars. When inside, seating will be spread out where possible so you remain comfortable. 

Small groups.
Better connections. Small-group sessions will take place in the field and in the classroom. You will stay in the same small group throughout the event, rotating between individual instructors to minimize exposure. Attendees stated this was their #1 favorite change, as it allowed stronger bonds and friendships to form among the group during the week. 

Online, pre-conference sessions. 
Get a jump start before the event, so you are prepared, giving you more time in the field with the instructors at each location.

Social distancing. 
Wear a mask. As long as COVID-19 is a risk, you are required to wear a mask when inside. Everyone is still able to create strong bonds during the event, even with social distancing in place.

Alfresco. Grab-and-go.
Whether it is a grab-and-go breakfast or lunch and dinner alfresco on the patio, meals can still be had in the company of your fellow photographers.

Stay safe. 
All CDC guidelines for events are followed.

Change for any reason. If you don’t feel comfortable or you are unable to attend an in-person event, you may transfer 100% of your deposit to a future Out of Chicago event – at anytime. Applies to all new reservations made from September 1, 2020 – December 31, 2021.
We're here to help you make plans to keep you invested in your photography passion while staying safe. If you have any questions about the event, email me at [email protected]
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