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Landscape Photography Conference

September 13-17, 2020 

Surround yourself with a star-filled sky at this 5 day landscape photography conference, shooting alongside with the pros.

Spark your creative passion at the gateway of Utah’s favorite National and State Parks — Arches, Canyonlands and Dead Horse Point. From grand arches to the edge of canyons, photograph dramatic landscapes of contrasting colors, landforms and textures during the day, then at night the Milky Way. Transform your photography at this unique, small group, landscape photography workshop, learning from over a dozen of the best landscape, astrophotography and nightscape photographers in the world.


Learn from some of the world’s best landscape photographers

Out of Moab brings over a dozen of the best creative landscape photographers together to one spectacular location. Learn, hands-on, a variety of styles and diverse perspectives from this all-star team, ranging from shooting in harsh light to capturing star trails and advanced post-processing techniques. Each day you will go in the field to shoot side-by-side and photograph all the best places these spectacular parks and Moab offer. With this many passionate photographers in one place, we promise to deliver an inspired, mega-landscape workshop and photography experience for you.

“It was an amazing week. In all different kinds of ways. You learn a ton of information from phenomenal photographers. It’s something for everyone.”

And more instructors still to be announced!

Location & Accommodation

Moab, Utah

Moab is the gateway to Arches and Canyonlands National Parks and Dead Horse Point State Park in Utah. The Conference will take place at Springhill Suites by Marriott next to the Colorado River, an all-suite hotel that is set-up as a perfect basecamp for photographers with first-class conference facilities and accommodation. The surrounding location provides stunning views and opportunities for you to explore and capture what inspires you any time of the day, with downtown Moab and the entrance to Arches National Park both less than five minutes away. We are excited to return to Moab to learn, play and be inspired. 

All permits have been obtained for our group to experience and photograph the Parks. 

“I have learned more this week than I learned in my last ten workshops.”


What makes this conference unlike any others? There is none other like it. Over five days, learn and shoot side-by-side with some of the best photographers in the world. Visit and photograph Arches and Canyonlands National Parks plus Dead Horse Point State Park. Don’t miss out on this epic photography experience.

“The program was filled with amazing photographers to learn from. Whether you are a beginner or pro, this conference is for everyone. Highly recommend!”
  • Techniques for nightscape photography without relying on light painting
  • Blending methods for epic astrophotography processing
  • Photographing star trails
  • Capture tack-sharp images every time
  • Slowing down and going beyond the iconic shot
  • Composing intimate scenes to grand landscapes
  • Light painting techniques for night photography
  • Post-processing secrets of the pros
  • And much more

A sampling of the 100+ sessions to choose from.


Each day will be an adventure as you explore Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, Dead Horse State Park and the area around Moab. Keep yourself immersed in photography, morning, noon and night. Push your creativity and skills with daily hands-on, in-the-field photography classes, discussions and small group critiques.

Group classes online in the days leading up to the event. Class times to be announced.

September 13th: 4pm – Check in to hotel

You will work with each of the instructors and visit each of the field locations over the course of the conference. Attendees will stay in the same group throughout the conference to minimize exposure to the full group.

Meet with your instructors each afternoon for a small-group class and introductions. Groups will drive to the shooting location for sunset and stay or move to a new location to photograph the night sky. Reconvene the next morning to share images, get feedback and receive post-processing help from the instructors on images from the night before. After lunch, your group will meet your new instructors for the next evening.

September 17th: 11am – Check out of hotel

What makes us different?


We bring over a dozen photographers with multiple perspectives to one place and create an experience you can’t get anywhere else. With over 75 classes, workshops and interactive sessions to choose from, compare this to a regular photography workshop or conference, for just as much cost or more.

Traditional Workshop

  • Hands-on, in-the-field instruction.
  • Single instructor.
  • Small group.
  • One photography style and perspective.
  • Everybody follows the same schedule.

Out of Chicago

  • Hands-on, in-the-field instruction. (10 or fewer people)
  • Small group classes and interactive sessions.
  • 10-15 leading photography instructors in one place, at one time.
  • Diverse styles and perspectives from one photography genre.
  • Limited to 100 attendees for an energetic yet intimate event.
  • Meet other photographers with your same passion.
  • Social time with attendees and instructors including group meals and more.
  • Vendors and opportunities to buy and test equipment.
  • Choose from a variety of classes and excursions to create your own personalized, daily photography adventure.
  • All classes and field-sessions included in price.

Traditional Conference

  • 10-15 photography presenters.
  • Vendors.
  • Hundreds of attendees.
  • Additional cost for field-sessions.
  • Everybody follows the same schedule.

Our promise

Live your best creative life

Out of Chicago brings together passionate enthusiasts with world-class photographers, all in one epic location, where you learn and shoot side-by-side with the pros. Since 2014, we have organized more than 15 hands-on photography conferences in Chicago, New York City, Moab and more. We are all photographers ourselves, so we understand what it takes to be inspired, get to the right place at the right time and live our best creative life.


From iconic landscapes to dramatic outdoor spaces, we handpick each location for our conferences so you can get the most out of photographing a place. Inclusive of first-class conference facilities to stepping out your door for the first morning light, we promise you a perfect place to learn and play.


Each event brings together over a dozen world-class photographers from across the country that specialize in one niche of photography. Spend five days immersing yourself in classes and interactive sessions, learning side-by-side from the pros. This means you can learn, shoot and play in your passion with others just like you.


Get five full days of personal, hands-on instruction in the classroom and in the field. We teach it. Then you practice what you learn, with your favorite photographers at the top of their game. Pro-level photographers will lead you on daily excursions and assist you in getting the perfect shot.


Take your photography to the next level with some of the world’s most creative photographers in their field. We’ve gathered over a dozen leading photography instructors, each with their unique perspectives, to teach you what they know. This means we are all here with one purpose – to help you make great images.


Receive feedback from instructors during daily group critique sessions or get post-processing help during your session. Return home with gallery ready images you are proud of.


Be part of a community that is as passionate as you are about photography. Get to know attendees and instructors over several days. Stay in touch afterwards on Instagram or in our private Facebook group. Come back the following year to connect again but, in a new location.



Reserve with a deposit of $1000. The remaining balance is due 60 days before the event. This event is limited to 100 attendees.
Does not include airfare, accommodation, transportation or park passes.

What’s included?

Opening dinner, 3 lunches and closing breakfast
Hands-on instruction from the top photographers in the field
More than 75 scheduled sessions to choose from for a personalized learning experience
Daily hands-on workshops and in-the-field excursions
Personal one-on-one sessions and small-group image reviews
Private Facebook group to connect with fellow photographers to coordinate carpools

“Thank you for enriching our lives by bringing us all together with such beautiful, passionate instructors. They gave us so much inspiration. So many life lessons. Not just photography.”

Frequently asked questions

How do I get to Moab?
You can fly into Salt Lake City (4 hr drive), Denver (5 1/2 hr drive) or you can fly right into Moab, but it’s a small airport and more expensive.

How do I book my room at the hotel?
Guests can make reservations for Springhill Suites Moab or Fairfield Inn & Suites Moab by clicking the reservation link here. The room rate for both is $219 per night.

How are we getting to the photo locations?
We will coordinate carpools from the conference center for each field session.

What Moab locations will we photograph?
We’ll photograph Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, Dead Horse Point State Park and other areas surrounding Moab.

What fitness level is required for the excursions?
Some of the excursions will have almost no walk. You get out of the car and start shooting from the overlook. Other excursions require a hike. We will describe the excursion difficulty in the descriptions before you choose your excursions.

What is the weather in Moab in September?
Typically, highs are in the 80’s with lows in the 50’s.

What if it rains or snows?
Be sure to bring appropriate weather gear. Remember that bad weather often makes the best images. Schedules may be re-arranged as needed to accommodate weather conditions but many field sessions will go out if it’s raining.

Who is this event for?
Photography enthusiasts and pros. All levels of passionate photographers are welcome. Just be ready to eat, sleep and drink landscape photography for five days.

What photography equipment do I need?
You’ll want a DSLR or mirrorless camera and a tripod. We’ll share detailed equipment recommendations before the event. A laptop is suggested so you can work on your images during the post-processing and critique sessions.

Will there be a chance to hang out with the instructors?
You bet! Throughout the week we will eat meals together, hang out in the evening and photograph together in small groups. There will be plenty of time to ask questions and hang out with your favorite photographers.

Will I be sitting in classes all day?
This is a hands-on, immersive photography experience. We’re not going to bring you all the way to Moab to sit in a classroom watching something you could watch in bed on Youtube. Over 5 days, you’ll learn new techniques in the field while shooting with some of the world’s best photographers. There is classroom time available to practice post-processing and to get feedback on images, but you’ll be in the field most of the time. There are plenty of options available each day for you to create a schedule that matches your interests, inside and outside the classroom.

When will I choose my sessions?
We will release the full detailed schedule a few weeks before the event. We’ll send information on choosing sessions at this time and give directions to choose sessions. Group presentations are open to everyone. In-the-field sessions are limited to 10 participants. All participants will have an equal opportunity to get into the sessions of their choice.

Can I bring a non-photographer friend or family member with me?
Of course! They are welcome to join us for the group presentations at no charge. The in-the-field teaching excursions are limited to ten people and are reserved for conference attendees only. A meal pass will be offered at an additional charge so that they can join us for group meals.

What is the refund policy?
You can read the refund policy here.

If you have any other questions, please email me at

COVID-19 policies for in-person events

We will follow the Center for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines for events including the following:

We are changing the maximum attendance from 100 to 50 attendees. Full-group classroom sessions will be taught online in the days leading up to the event. These sessions will be recorded to view later. This will give us even more instruction time in the field compared to our typical events.

All in-person sessions will be limited to 15 or fewer people gathering at the same time. Seating will be provided to space people at least 6 feet apart.

You will attend all classroom and field sessions with the same group of attendees. Groups will rotate so that each group will work with every instructor and visit all field session locations.

Masks or face coverings are required by all staff, instructors and attendees indoors and when we are unable to socially distance outdoors.

Group meals will be served so that you we can spread out or take your meal back to your room.

Soap, hand sanitizer and face coverings will be provided when necessary.

We will monitor the temperature of all participants using a no-touch thermometer each day.

We will provide instruction in an outdoor setting when possible and maximize ventilation indoors.


Please follow the CDC guidelines and stay home if:

You have tested positive for COVID-19 or are showing COVID-19 symptoms.

You have had close contact with a person who has symptoms of COVID-19 within the past 14 days.

Please see our updated refund policy in case you choose not to attend or the state regulations do not allow our event to run with this format.

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