Royce Bair

Out of Chicago Instructor

Royce Bair has been a magazine, stock and advertising photographer for two decades. During this same period he has taught internationally in photographic seminars and workshops.

Helping other photographers find their vision has been a large part of Royce's career. As a former photography gallery owner and curator, Royce has helped scores of photographers showcase and sell their fine art photography. For over twenty years, his Stock Solution agency aided hundreds of photographers in editing, distributing and licensing their stock photos to publishers and corporations, worldwide.

Royce believes that photographers should strive to reinvent themselves every few years, and find new ways to see the world through their art. He was one the first photographers, a decade ago, to focus on a new style of night photography many call, “nightscapes”, or starry night skies with a landscape foreground feature. His book, “Milky Way NightScapes,” is considered by many to be the bible on this subject.

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