Rinzi Ruiz

Based in Los Angeles, California

Out of Chicago Instructor

FUJIFILM X-Photographer

Rinzi Ruiz is a FUJIFILM X-Photographer / Global Ambassador and freelance photographer focused on weddings, events and portraits based in Los Angeles, California. He originally studied graphic design and computer animation at the Art Institute of Los Angeles but after 12 years in the design industry found a passion for photography and made the switch. He is known for his street photography with his focus on light and shadow and the human condition. Rinzi was a featured photographer in the LA Times Framework and has had various photographs featured in the LA Times SoCal Moments. He has also been featured in Light It Magazine, The Candid Frame Podcast, Inspired Eye Magazine, Art Photo Feature, Fotoflock by Epson and Backyard Opera. His work was exhibited at the Hatakeyama Gallery and The Think Tank Gallery. His work was published in Arte Fotogr√°fica Magazine, Rangefinder Magazine and Eloquence International Creators Magazine. His rapid development as a photographer is informed from a commitment to make time for his art, as well as developing a critical eye for what works and what doesn't. Inspired by both contemporary and master photographers, his understanding of the tradition of photography is helping him to develop a distinct voice.

Upcoming conferences

Out of the Great Smoky Mountains

April 27th-May 1st, 2025

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