Monica Royal

Out of Chicago Instructor

Monica started her photography career in 2006 as a portrait photographer. She quickly realized that she preferred to photograph things that you don’t have to make smile. Once she discovered the world of macro, she never looked back. “It’s not just that you can make such fascinating images with a macro lens, it’s the way that that starts a great conversation. I love when people say, “What is that???” and I get to tell them that it’s just a stick, or a piece of plastic or glass or something that they see every day but haven’t seen the way I see it. It’s so fun!”

Monica’s macro imagery is widely recognized as unique and innovative. She is an expert at visual design and is a sought-after teacher and private business coach.

Monica works closely with Tamron, Millers Professional Imaging and Savage Universal for gear and support. She believes that it’s critical to have solid relationships with great companies when your livelihood depends on the sale of your product. Monica speaks and teaches internationally and her fine art photography hangs in private collections and commercial establishments across North America.

Upcoming conferences

Out of Chicago LIVE! 2022

March 11-13, 2022

Out of The Great Smoky Mountains

April 25-29, 2022

Out of Oregon

Oct 9-13 2022


January 26th-30th, 2022

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