Mike Hudson

Based in Chicago

Out of Chicago Instructor

Author of The Photographer's Guide to Acadia

I’ve been a professional photographer since 1989. I’ve traveled to dozens of countries and all over the US, but Acadia is a very special place for me. My first trip there was in 2006 and I was so inspired by the beautiful landscapes, that I now return at least a couple of times a year to photograph its beauty. I published an ebook, "The Photographer's Guide to Acadia" (now in its 3rd edition), and a coffee table book of my autumn images of Acadia, "Under October Skies (Autumn in Acadia).”

The great thing about Acadia is that it’s one of the most diverse and compact of all the national parks. It has everything– mountains, beaches, ocean coastline, woods, lakes, and streams, all within a few minutes' drive. I’ve been to dozens of national parks, but none have the same wealth of photo opportunities as Acadia.

In my photography, I’m always trying to look beyond the postcard views. I’m not trying to photograph just a snapshot of a location, but I always striving to create an artistic image that reveals something of the character and atmosphere of the place– its essence or spirit. Legendary National Geographic photographer David Alan Harvey once said, “Don’t shoot what it looks like, shoot what it feels like.” That sums up my approach to landscape photography. I approach my work as an artist who uses a camera to create art, not just a photographer.

The ultimate goal of my photography is to see my images in print and not just on a computer screen, and I’ve been fortunate to have sold prints to collectors in the US and abroad, and my work has also appeared in COLOR (a magazine for collectors of fine art photography), National Geographic Traveler, Conde Nast Traveler, Washingtonian, f/11, Opal Magazine, B&W, Bangor Metro, Medium Format Magazine, and Elements (September 2021), among many others. I’ve been leading photography workshops in Acadia for the last four years.

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