Luca Martinez

Based in Miami, FL

Out of Chicago Instructor

Sponsored by Hunt's Photo and Video

I am a 16 year-old nature and wildlife photographer. The best bio I could share is a compilation of my photographs. They tell the story of who I am as a photographer, where I go, what I see and how I interpret it through the lens that gives me the means to capture it. It was likely meant to be, when I think back to as far as I can remember as a little boy, I’d wake up and the first thing I wanted to do was go outside. I couldn’t wait to be in nature and growing-up in South Florida meant I could be outdoors almost every day of the year.

Most of my weekends and every summer were spent on the beach, in the water, or around the mangroves in Key Largo. On one unforgettable day, I watched my favorite bird, the osprey, dive and catch a fish only a few yards in front of me. It was beautiful. Elegant. Powerful. It left a profound mark on me; and I wanted to share it. I got my first camera soon after that experience. I was seven-years-old.

My love of photographing ospreys took me to the Everglades where I've been shooting regularly for the past two years. I lose myself for hours in the subtropical wilderness among the grasses, the flowers, the interestingly shaped trees, awaiting the perfect moment. From hardwood hammocks to black water swamps, the abundance of life in the Everglades is breathtaking. It’s truly unlike any other place I’ve seen.

Photography is how I connect with nature and memorialize its beauty. I hope to be doing this forever.

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