Eric Bennett Talks Mountains and the Tetons

Eric Bennett

Rocky Mountains, WY
Creativity in the Mountains

When it comes to grand landscape photography, we love seeing Eric Bennett’s creativity. We asked Eric to discuss the upcoming conference and share some tips and his thoughts on photographing the Tetons.

Seeing Beyond the Obvious

What will attendees learn when working with you at the Out of Grand Teton conference?

“I hope that I will be able to help them learn how to see scenes and potential subjects for photographs besides the obvious mountains that tower over this landscape. Mountain environments have so many other great aspects to them besides just the mountains themselves, on all different scales, such as the flora, streams and ponds, and scarred glacial geology. Photographing these other features can help to tell a broader story of the place and show more sides of it that the average visitor may not notice.” 

Wasatch Mountains, UT
 ©Eric Bennett
Using Light in All Weather

What photography challenges will you help attendees overcome during this conference?

“The biggest challenge is being able to make engaging photographs no matter what kind of lighting we encounter. Through creative compositional techniques and artistic visualization, I hope to be able to help them make the most of our outings and create interesting photographs regardless of the weather conditions. There is no such thing as good or bad light, only good or bad uses of light.” 

Rocky Mountains, WY
 ©Eric Bennett
Eric's Go to Gear

What will be your go-to lens for this location and why? 

“When people think of photographing mountain environments, such as the Tetons, wide, sweeping grand scenes featuring winding rivers and reflective lakes probably come to mind. These kinds of scenes are undeniably impressive and fantastic ways to showcase this landscape, but they are by no means the only way possible. I use my telephoto lens, a 70-300, more than any other lens when in the Rocky Mountains, which is a great way to isolate peaks, craggy formations, and accentuate details and lighting. It also doesn’t require particularly dramatic weather conditions—which are typically quite rare—in order to create unique and captivating scenes.”

Grand Teton NP, WY
 ©Eric Bennett

“There is no such thing as good or bad light, only good or bad uses of light.” – Eric Bennett.

Learn and shoot alongside Eric Bennett and 13 other world-class instructors at the Out of Grand Teton Landscape and Wildlife Photography Conference, on June 16-20th, 2024.

Learn More and Register Now.

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Additional Resources
These two tutorial videos will be great prep before the conference. Eric’s “Essential Theory” Series focuses on seeing the world and lighting all around you in creative ways:
Here is his new book, Space, Stillness, Silence.

Eric Bennett

Eric spends most of his time exploring the deserts near his current home in Utah. Photography has taken him to over 30 different countries, in search of new experiences and landscapes. The deep love he has for nature and exploration shows through his imagery. Through the combination of his creative vision with advanced post-processing techniques, he teaches clients how to improve their photography skills as well.

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