Out of Chicago Urban 2023

City, Street and Architecture Photography Conference

June 13-17, 2023

Image by Angie McMonigal

Unleash your creativity on the streets of Chicago alongside the world's best street and architecture photographers

Join us to experience and photograph the city of Chicago through your lens with the help and guidance of the best urban photographic instructors. Chicago's diversity, architecture and streets make for the perfect backdrop for your creative vision to come alive. The conference will take place at the Embassy Suites Magnificent Mile, where you'll have easy access to Chicago's iconic scenes as well as little-known photographic spots so you can fully immerse yourself in all the photographic opportunities the city can offer.

Our instructors will be there to guide and teach as you venture through the city and learn with them in an intimate, hands-on workshop setting. In small groups, experience each instructor's different photographic and creative techniques, and see the city from new and different perspectives. Challenge yourself to photograph the urban landscape with creative techniques often applied when photographing other genres of photography, such as nature and landscapes. Summer is our favorite time of year to visit and photograph the city of Chicago. Join us for an unforgettable urban photographic experience.

Meet the Instructors

Over five days in Chicago, you will work closely alongside each of the six photographers who bring their unique vision to urban photography. You'll learn, photograph and review images with each of these instructors in the classroom and on the streets of Chicago.

Valérie Jardin
Minneapolis, MN
French street photographer Valérie Jardin will focus her teachings on capturing the human element within the urban landscape. She will demonstrate techniques for making extraordinary photographs of everyday moments by leveraging elements such as architecture, light, and shadows.
Angie McMonigal
Chicago, IL
Angie is a Chicago-based fine art architecture photographer capturing the beauty of the lines, shapes and patterns in architecture. She’ll help you photograph the architecture of Chicago in a way that will get your creative juices flowing using new compositional techniques, intentional camera movement and more.
Richard Martin
Kingston, Ontario
Richard Martin is a former architect turned creative photographer known for turning everyday street life into photographic works of art. Using visual rhythm and expressive use of lines and curves in composition, Richard will help you to find those photographic moments in Chicago that other’s walk right by.
Alan Shapiro
New York City
Alan Shapiro has honed his street photography on the streets of New York City and is bringing his brand of environmental street portraiture to Chicago to get you out of your comfort zone to create something completely original. Alan’s larger-than-life personality brings out the best in his subjects and you’ll want to be there to capture the moment.
Nick Sinnott
Chicago, IL
Nick Sinnott is the director of the hugely popular Chicago Photography Classes School and knows Chicago photography better than anyone. He’ll show you how to use PhotoPills to plan a shoot, focus stacking, creative iPhone photography and advanced Lightroom techniques.
Chris Smith Photographer
Chris Smith
Chicago, IL
Chris Smith founded Out of Chicago and is the author of The Photographer's Guide to Chicago. Chris is excited to welcome everyone to his home city of Chicago and take you to some of his favorite locations and photo walks, including a few lesser-known spots. He'll combine his love of photography and the city to help you capture dramatic daytime, blue hour and night photos of the city.
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