Beyond Grand Teton Landscapes with David Akoubian

David Akoubian

Beyond Landscapes in the Grand Tetons

We are excited to have David Akoubian with us as one of our instructors for the Out of Grand Teton Landscape and Wildlife Photography Conference on June 16-20, 2024, and you will undoubtedly feel his excitement in this week’s Instructor Highlight.

David leads workshops at many of the country’s top photographic locations, and we are excited to have him teach with us once again. David’s photos showcase the diversity of the Grand Teton landscapes, and we are excited to have him teach and work alongside our attendees.

 ©David Akoubian
David's Excitement: Out of Grand Tetons

What are you most excited about for the Out of Grand Teton conference?

“I am super excited to be one of the instructors for the Out of Grand Teton Conference because of the significance of what the Park has meant in my development as a Nature Photographer. I first visited the Park in 1976 and haven’t been the same since, and I know sharing this special place with everyone will be so much fun! Because of the variety of subjects, especially the grand landscape, the area is so inspiring to photographers. Beyond landscapes, Grand Teton National Park is the number 1 park for seeing wildlife in the US!” – David Akoubian

 ©David Akoubian
Relationships in the Grand Tetons

What is your favorite location or subject to photograph in the Grand Teton area?

“My favorite thing to photograph in the Tetons is the relationship between the valley and the mountains. The wildflowers thrive in the valley and accentuate the majestic mountain range behind them. I always enjoy doing environmental images of wildlife, where I include the mountains in the image as well. It is capturing the overall beauty of Jackson Hole that I love to photograph the most.” – David Akoubian

 ©David Akoubian
Using Lenses to Tell a Story

What makes Grand Teton such an excellent location for photography and teaching photography?

“One thing that always makes me get excited about teaching in Grand Teton National Park is having the ability to show how different lenses can create different moods and images. Whether you want to use a wide-angle lens to capture a large depth of field and tell a story or use a long lens to compress the scene, the photographer’s vision is more easily fulfilled here. The Tetons are so unique, and teaching how light can completely change a scene is another big thing for me. Each scene can vary so much between sunrise and sunset, as well as with clear skies or cloudy skies.” – David Akoubian

 ©David Akoubian
From Vision to Wall Worthy

What will attendees learn when working with you at the Out of Grand Teton conference?

“I plan to teach the participants how to take their vision for a scene and complete it through simple processes of lens selection, angle of view, and understanding light. I will walk through the compositions in a scene and discuss the importance of leading lines, repetition, and including elements in the foreground to keep the viewer involved in an image. I want to make sure each participant gets a “wall hanger” and will feel comfortable doing it again without me or another instructor looking over their shoulder.” – David Akoubian

 ©David Akoubian
Capturing Incredible Diversity

Are there any special or creative techniques you hope to share with attendees at the conference?

“I will be teaching the participants how to capture the area’s incredible diversity. There are obvious landscape opportunities, but we will also capture images of the wildlife that might present itself to us as well. We will be there during a great time to capture macro images of wildflowers and patterns in nature as well. One of my favorite things to do is to show how to create motion with Intentional Camera Movement and some of the patterns we will see, such as the aspen trees and the contrast they present.” – David Akoubian

 ©David Akoubian

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to learn and photograph among the majestic landscapes of the Grand Teton National Park. This conference will inspire, refresh, and revive your love for photography. Secure your spot now and unlock your creative potential with David Akoubian and our accomplished photography instructors at the Out of Grand Teton Landscape and Wildlife Photography Conference!

Limited spots available  – Register Now. 

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Additional Resources

See more of David’s work on his website:

And find him on social media: Facebook: Bear Woods Photography, YouTube: David Akoubian, and IG: Bearwoodsdavid

David Akoubian

David has taught photography since 1994 in the classroom and leading workshops around the United States. David presents and leads workshops at many of the country’s top photographic conferences, such as the Photographic Society of America Annual Conference, as well as many camera clubs across the United States. David’s photographs and articles have appeared in publications such as Nature Photographer, Audubon Magazine, Blue Ridge Country, Birder’s World, Outdoor Photographer, Backpacker Magazine, and many local publications. His work has appeared in several feature books, calendars, as well as in instructional guides. David is a Tamron Image Master, Kase Filter Ambassador, and a f-stop Gear Ambassador.

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