Anne Belmont on Lensbaby Lenses, Flower Photography

Chris and Out of Chicago team member Anne Belmont are in Costa Rica as they discuss what Anne will be presenting at Out of Longwood later this year.

In a laid back chat amongst Costa Rica’s evening nature, Anne shares what she likes to help people with while they’re out in the field, and talks at length about what a Lensbaby is.

Anne is so well-known for her Lensbaby work that she wrote a whole book about it: Creative Flower Photography: An Illustrated Guide to Lensbaby Lenses. She discusses how she came to write the book and previews her next.

Later in the chat, Anne discusses her Instagram channel, and if she has doubts when posting images to a growing audience. She also shares her tips on shooting various flowers, including water lilies, dahlias, roses, ferns, and if she ever gets bored despite spending so much time at places like the Chicago Botanical Garden.

Visit, where you’ll find a gallery dedicated to Lensbaby images. See her aforementioned eBook and read her articles on Visual Wilderness for in-depth tutorials. Follow her on Instagram: @AnneBelmontPhotography.

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