John Kosmopoulos on Developing Your Own Style

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John Kosmopoulos joins Chris for a free-wheeling discussion on developing your own style of photography, and what makes his work different from others. 

John also shares how he experiments with color, how he decides what will be monochrome, and a trick involving a black and white adjustment layer. He explains how he guides a viewer’s eye around an image, what happened to spending a long time looking at a photograph, and we hear his thoughts on galleries.

John shoots in both nature and urban landscapes. Chris asks him if the  environments feel similar to work in, as well as his favorite urban cities and how he captured one of his most well-known photographs, “Dreamwalking“.

To see John’s work, visit his website: You can also find him here on Instagram. He’ll be at Out of Chicago which runs June 28 – 30, 2019.

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