Steve Simon on Street Photography, Emotional Metadata, and Mirrorless Cameras

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This week we’re joined by Steve Simon, who just released a revised and remastered edition of his book, The Passionate Photographer.

After Steve kicks off the show by turning the tables on Chris, the discussion turns to the ever-evolving business of photography and how The Passionate Photographer fine tunes his skill set.

Steve touches on the benefits of emulation and how stealing an idea won’t capture what the original photographer aimed for. Creating a unique image requires shooting personally, and Steve strives to find the best in even a bad image (One of many Simon-isms: “Not a deal breaker!”)

Another Simon-ism is “emotional metadata,” which is when you look at an image and can’t escape that you were there in order to be objective. On a related note, Steve discusses if an image should represent what you’re feeling in the moment.

The conversation also turns to Steve’s favorite cities for shooting street photography as well as the new Nikon Z6 / Z7, a mirrorless camera.

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