Jackie Kramer Discusses How to Shoot Textures

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Floral photographer Jackie Kramer, who’ll be at our Out of Longwood conference this August, joins Chris to discuss the secrets behind her creativity, including how she shoots her own textures.

Jackie also shares her favorite gardens up and down the eastern seaboard, her favorite equipment (she’s all Canon), and the one tool every photographer can’t leave home without.

She also discusses photographers who inspire her.

On the late Nancy Rotenberg: “I looked at who she was and what she did and how she touched so many people. It made me feel something inside that I never really felt before. She was a genuine person, she touched people in a very authentic way.”  

On Clyde Butcher: “He underscores the importance of getting to know your home. Shooting where you live and getting to know your home is so much more important than any eternal quest to shoot that iconic photo somewhere else, because what you can bring to the equation is where you live.”

You can find Jackie at Luv Blooms and Jackie Kramer Photography. Also be sure to check out her Phlorography group on Facebook.

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