Michael Frye Discusses Photographing Yosemite, Ansel Adams, Composition Techniques

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Chris heads to Yosemite to talk with landscape photographer Michael Frye, who shares his best tips on photographing one of America’s National Parks (it isn’t all about sunrise and sunset). Michael also shares his favorite Yosemite locations to shoot, and how to follow your passion rather than trying to compete with others or copying someone else.

As Chris preps for his winter conference at the iconic California location, Michael explains what small scenes to look out for in over the colder season. He also shares post-processing tips, how he shoots in black and white, his favorite places in America to photograph, and composition techniques that can make you as great of a photographer as Ansel Adams.

On following his passion: “I started to make better big landscape photos in Yosemite when I stopped worrying about [being someone else].”

On preparation: “It always helps to know an area well before you photograph it.”

On post-processing: “It really helps if you have a clear idea before you start with where you want to go with it.”

On Ansel Adams: “Ansel was one of the first to really do it so well that it caught people’s imagination, to combine the elemental landscape with a particular moment in time. A particular moment when the clouds, light, and weather were just so. That creates this of a particular moment, but also in a strange sense, a sense of timelessness.”

On composing: “The more specific you can be about what catches your eye, the better you’re going to be able to hone in on that, and find a composition that’ll work.”

Find his course and book on MichaelFrye.com. You can also sign up for his blog by e-mail, featuring regular photography tips and stories.

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