The Iowa State Fair: A Photographer’s Playground

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Iowa State Fair Photography

I know what you’re thinking. And you probably have a weird look on your face. But the Iowa State Fair is one of my favorite places to photograph.


Street Photography

There are amazing opportunities to photograph interesting people at the fair. Wait until the sun sets and it gets even better.




Step Right Up!

Night Photography

My favorite time to shoot is at night. The glow of the street lights. The streaks of the midway rides. Fireworks. The Fair as all of this in one place.

The Fair

Food stands

Tired horse at the Iowa State Fair

Iowa State Fair Photo Salon

The fair has one of the largest and most impressive photo competitions you’ll see anywhere. I’ve spent over an hour looking at images and could stay all day. I always walk away inspired.

Photography in Des Moines

You’re probably still shaking your head, but Des Moines is a great city for photography. The Iowa State Capitol Building is beautiful. Downtown Des Moines looks great at night. And the High Trestle Trail Bridge in nearby Madrid, IA is unreal.

Des Moines Bridge: Jason Mrachina


Des Moines Skyline: Jason Mrachina


Iowa Capitol dome


High Trestle Bridge

I look forward to photographing the Iowa State Fair every year. If you’re interested in joining me for a photography workshop to the Fair and Des Moines, send me an email and I’ll put you on the list. I promise we’ll eat great food and have a great time! I’m enlisting the help of some of my favorite photographers including Jason Mrachina and Shari Miller to help out. The dates of the fair this year are August 10th-20th. If we do a workshop, it will be August 15th-18th. Let me know if you’re interested! Email me at

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